Araraume picks APGA ticket amid protest

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APGA Returning Officer, Mrs. Eberechukwu Ejikeme, who declared and announced the result after the primary election held at Kanu Nwankwo Stadium, Owerri, the state capital, yesterday, said Araraume beat different competitors.

Ejikeme said representative Ararume scored 583 votes, Chief Okey Eze, 61 cast a ballot, Chief Frank Nneji got 48 cast a ballot, Daniel Kanu, 90 cast a ballot, Chief Ike C Ibe, 15 cast a ballot, Chief Ikedi Ohakim got 27 cast a ballot, Humphrey Anunudu 13 cast a ballot while Chief Stanley Amuchie got 14 cast a ballot.

Others were Chief Uche Onyeagocha, 43 cast a ballot, Chief Steve Nwoga, 27 cast a ballot, Dr. Sam Amadi, 11 cast a ballot, Chief Nick Opara Ndudu, 14 votes and Ziggy Azike additionally got 14 cast a ballot.

She pronounced Araraume champ, “having scored the most astounding number of votes thrown by the agents drawn from the 27 neighborhood governments regions of Imo State.”

The returning office offered thanks to all partners whom she said contributed in different approaches to the accomplishment of the discretionary procedure even as she attested that the activity was profoundly without hitch and straightforward.

In the mean time, other governorship hopefuls have challenged that no race occurred, saying that the indicated race was a piece of Araraume’s franticness for power.

In his response, one of the forefront wannabes, Onyeagocha, said Araraume’s arrangement to pronounce himself champ, from a kangaroo governorship essential, was a direct result of his dismissal by the gathering reliable in the state .

“His intend to announce himself after the kangaroo practice was obviously to make more disarray in the gathering, having understood that he has been dismissed by reliable of the gathering in the state.

“This is the stature of franticness, as all the governorship hopefuls in the gathering have collectively set out to show an agreement applicant.”

Another hopeful, Ezeh, blamed Araraume for attempting to ”destroy the gathering due to his crazy franticness for power”.

” In his frenzied franticness for power he needs to decimate the gathering and reenact the history for which he is known, a serial governorship hopeful in Imo State.”

He claimed that no race occurred and included that Araraume announced himself victor of the essential with the help of his supporters, hooligans and activists at the games focus in Owerri,.

“He announced himself the governorship applicant of APGA after a shambolic balloting administered by his leased goons,” he said. which delivered a recreated avalanche.

“The activity had no single APGA official from the ward to national in participation .It had no individual from the gathering in participation, it had no INEC official in participation.

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